A bike ride from Paris to Brittany, along the Seine, the Loire and the Nantes-Brest Canal. Day 7

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Bannière 2011


A bike ride from Paris to Brittany, along the Seine, the Loire and the Nantes - Brest Canal. Day 7

Le Cramezeul - Malestroit. 102km. Super weather !


Woke up at the usual time after an OK night except for a long hooting session, courtesy of a couple of local owls !

Excellent Chambre d'Hôte breakfast !

Rock'n'Roll carefully loaded. I didn't want Daniel to think that the lessons he taught me during our three-week trip to Prague last year were already forgotten! 

Blue sky and lots of sunshine !


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At 9.00 AM I was on my way down the lane leading to the towpath, one kilometer away, for a 102 kms of pure happiness along the canal.


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Apart from a few dull sections, most of the ride was magic ! The morning mist hovering above the water quickly disappeared giving way to all sorts of colours and reflexions.


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The tow path was lined with meadows, tall poplar trees and hedges hanging down from uneven banks. The canal wove its way through the country-side, passing through small woods or farmland.


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Each lock came with its distinctive features and many seemed to be competing in a gardening contest !


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The flowers, the birds, the frogs and all sorts of other gifts from Mother Nature were suddenly awake, brought to life by the sun that had finally come !


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No wind, a nice flat ride,  beautiful scenery:  Ideal cycling. Serious picnic at Pont Miny.


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Further along, an angler had just caught a pike. He was busy measuring it, making sure it was above the minimum 50cm. Lucky man, it was ! I could smell the quenelles !


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Redon: quick stop at the Tourist Info Office for a stamp in my Log book. Beautiful Compostela Pilgrim stamp in the shape of a scallop shell. The city is quite unique. It straddles three "départements": Ille et Vilaine, Morbihan and Loire-Atlantique that join up at the confluence of the Vilaine and Oust rivers that flow through the city. This medieval city is well worth a stop.


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Continuation along the canal towards l' Ile aux Pies, a very beautiful area where the Oust flows below high granit cliffs topped with pine trees. Incredible tree-top climbing set-up St Vincent sur Oust.


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Cables ran from one tree to another, 10 - 15m above ground-level. The kids up there seemed to be enjoying the 'ride' !


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The path along the canal remained excellent even if in some places, the fine gravel topping was a bit of a pain.




St Congard. Surprise !  Daniel was there, waiting for me with "Mout Mout" his faithful 'Breton Steel Donkey'. The last ten kilometers were spent discussing the trip. 

A welcome shower, a few beers and a quick visit to the beautiful neighboring town of Rochefort en Terre...

Dinner...  2012 plans...  More beer and to bed at 23.30 after a beautiful day of blue sky and sunshine.

Truly magic canal: early morning mist, herons, ducks, moorhens, tall white daisies, cliffs and pines....the cherry on the cake being the lovely welcome by Daniel and his wife !


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My mistake. I didn't realise the trip took place two years ago, as a friend who did a similar blog used to write it and post it up the same day!
Sounds idyllic. But "2012 plans" - don't you mean 2013 plans?
<br /> <br /> Hi Teresa,<br /> <br /> <br /> Thanks for your two comments.<br /> <br /> <br /> -Indeed, the ride (French version) was posted shortly after completion.<br /> <br /> <br /> Re. the English version: I thought that 'non-French' readers might be interested so I only recently did the translation, hence the 2-year time difference.<br /> <br /> <br /> -'2012' is correct since the article was written in 2011.<br /> <br /> <br />  <br /> <br /> <br /> John<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />